Cusco dawns covered in snow and low temperatures after a strong storm for more than 12 hours

This morning the people of Cusco were amazed when they went out into the streets and saw the tracks, sidewalks and trees covered in snow after the heavy to moderate rainstorm that fell on the city for more than 12 hours.

On the Cusco – Yaurique highway and the Quillabamba – Cusco highway, stranded vehicles have been registered due to difficulties in transit due to the large amount of snow on the highway. The intense snowfall has also affected hectares of crops in the town of Corimarca.

The “Weather Man” Abraham Levy reported that the snowfall recorded in the southern sierra “can be perfectly linked to a meteorological DANA off the south coast.”

“Snowfall occurs when there is a fairly cold rainstorm, but the atmosphere is below freezing. The air temperature is below 0°C”, he pointed out and explained that the water droplets that fall from very high clouds, cool down on the way to the earth and create a snowflake. “That is what precipitates to the ground and it is the phenomenon that we have had,” he said.

The specialist indicated that it cannot be determined if the snowfall will be repeated in the coming days, but he did not rule out that it could happen again. “We are going to continue three more days with the rains in the southern sierra. If the temperatures continue below normal, it is very likely that it will repeat itself ”, he pointed out.

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